Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm the winner!!!!

I don't even know what to say. Today I get to write about the founder of bufblopofo. Let's start with a little history...

Mike and I met in college. My sister had a small secret crush on him. And by small i mean enormous and by secret I mean everyone knew about it.

My first real memory of Mike was up at Annie's cottage in Canada. Lisa, Annie and I went up for the night to hang out. At about 11:30 that night a strange man was lurking outside of the cottage window. Lo and behold it was Mike Garvey. I don't know who invited him or how he found the cottage but there he was. We continued the evening with some quality conversation and a lot of beer.

At one point we were all out of beer and Lisa volunteered to go get more. About 20 minutes she had still not returned. Please note she did not have far to go...we were sitting right on the porch of the cottage. Mike, Annie and I decide to go in and investigate.

There she is. The queen of "I'm just going to close my eyes for a minute" asleep on the kitchen table. Apparently she decided to take a short nap before bringing us our beer. Lisa's actions enraged Annie and she immediately reprimanded her and sent her to bed. Lisa took the lashing and gladly went to bed. Loser. :)

So Annie, Mike and I got our beer and went back outside. I honestly don't remember the conversation but somehow we created a new saying "It's all biological". Annie and Mike may be the only two that will appreciate that.

When the time came we all went to bed....but there was a problem. Only one bed left and 3 of us. What do drunk people do in this situation? We use logic.

There we were the 3 of us in one bed. Head to feet. I was the lucky one in the middle with my head at the end of the bed with my feet at the head in both Annie and Mike's face. Why is this relevant? Because Annie's cottage is at the beach. My feet were full of sand. This my friends is how I got the nickname Sandy. The entire evening Mike apparently was sleeping on a very sandy pillow. heh heh...oops.

There you have it....Lisa....maybe you should not have fallen asleep on the kitchen table...cause guess what....I got to "sleep" with Mike Garvey first. :)

So to you Mike Garvey I ask you this.......What is it about the bow tie that so intrigues you?

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